Water and Sewer Department


The City of Rochester has two separate water systems. The eastern half of the city is served by the City of Detroit water system. A municipal well field serves the western half of the city, which is located off of North Livernois Road.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of the water and sewer system within the city limits, and the Finance & Treasury Dept. produces bills and collects payments for water and sewer accounts.

The new water structure may make it beneficial for you to install an additional Irrigation Meter in your home. This meter will deduct the water you use outside your home to irrigate your lawns and wash your cars. Since this water does not enter the sanitary sewer system, the amount used would be deducted from your sewer bill. These meters are relatively expensive and could cost $760 to install. It may not be beneficial to you unless you have a large lawn and irrigate frequently. To find out more about the New Irrigation Meter Program, please view the informational pamphlet.

If you are curious about whether or not an irrigation meter will benefit you, please e-mail us your street address and we will conduct an analysis of your situation based upon your past water meter readings. We will reply to you within 3 business days with an estimated payback period of an irrigation meter. This calculation will use an estimated summer irrigation usage based on your watering habits from past bills. You can use this to make your decision if you would like to install an irrigation meter. Click here for the email address to direct your inquiries: