City Beautiful Commission


City Beautiful Meetings are open to the public and scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please check the City Calendar (tab next to the "News and Announcements" tab on the home page of the City's website) for the latest updates. Meetings take place at Rochester City Hall, 400 Sixth Street, Rochester.

Chairperson: Jeanine Offer Krupp

Vice Chair: Laura Murphy

Secretary: Sue Butala

Rachel Williams

Tammy Byers

Julia Johnson

Sandra Montes

Jessica Chaucer

City Council Liaison: 

About City Beautiful

The Rochester City Beautiful Commission has been established to study, conceive, formulate, promulgate, and develop plans for the beautification of Rochester as follows:

  • Investigate and develop plans for improving the appearance of the city;
  • Encourage and recommend the placing, planting, and preservation of trees, flowers, plants and shrubbery and other objects or ornamentation in the city;
  • Sponsor, plan, promote, coordinate, and carry out cleanup, paint-up, fix-up campaign activities throughout the city with specific attention to residential neighborhoods; and
  • To otherwise promote public interest in the general appearance of the city.

Learn More about the City Beautiful Commission and their Projects

Keep up to date on all of the projects the Rochester City Beautiful Commission is working on through its Facebook page at City Beautiful Facebook Page.

The City Beautiful Commission publishes quarterly newsletters. If you would like to sign-up to receive the newsletters, please contact the City Beautiful Commission.