Soldier's Monument

Hail! loyal hearts and true! This marks the time
    When semi-century has swiftly flown,
And we are here with patriot glow
    To dedicate brave worth in chiseled stone.

'Mongst peace and plenty strewn on every side
    The rising race think not nor understand,
The fearful times of those dark awful years
    When men stood up as targets for our land.

They cannot know the struggle that it cost
    To save our country from war's dreadful strife;
And may our children's children never need
    To don the sword or gun, to save her life.

Oh, God of Heaven! make brave our loyal hearts
    That in this blessed land so dearly saved,
We stand united, firm, against all wrong
    That cause our youth and homes to be enslaved.

Speak, then, oh monument, in years to come;    
    Tell of the G.A.R. and others dear;
Tell of true woman's trying years at home,
    And of the W.R.C who placed you here.

Hail! comrade, hail! Hail sisters, children all;
    The zeal of loyalty will never lag
While here this token stands for those who fought
    In freedom's cause, for country and for flag.

Rochester, May 30, 1911