Colonel John Frank

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100_1697.JPGd. December 30, 1887, 88 years. Sec. OG-18. John Frank worked for Judge Chipman in Vermont. In 1823 he left for Michigan with letters of introduction to Dr. Cyrus Chipman. In Avon Township he surveyed, bought land, and married Arabella Chipman. On September 8, 1831, John Frank was commissioned Lieutenant in the 4th Regiment, Michigan Territorial Militia, at the time of the "Toledo War" (1835-36). This was a bloodless border dispute between Michigan and Ohio. In October 1837, after statehood, he was a Colonel in the 4th Regiment mustered at Pontiac. His son, Lucius Lyon Frank, b. 1843, d. March 22, 1939, 96 years, Sec. 1-178, served in the Civil War in Company B, 22nd Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia (1863).