2022 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022

During 2022, the City will work on our next strategic plan. Documents such as the 2021 Community Survey, the 2022 Master Plan Update, the 2019 Parks Master Plan, and other documents will provide the background info.

In addition, the City has hired a firm called Insights, to help us directly ask questions, using their platform, via emails and text messages. From there, responses are analyzed to extract bottom-line insights. Those insights will be shared publicly, as well as with City Council and staff.

The insights platform allows the City to shift from traditional outreach and move to two-way communication. Besides using the City's newsletter to provide feedback, the insights platform allows the City to close feedback loops and send personal updates to participants, as well as share it publicly within weeks.

Visit: https://yoursay.rochestermi.org/strategy to see the current answers, insights, and responses to the initial question:  What will make you a happier and more satisfied resident of the City of Rochester?

Going forward, the City's staff will be using our NotifyMe software, to sent out a notice (email/text) prior to future questions being sent by the insights platform.  Hopefully this will reduce concerns about future emails and text messages.

If you have any questions, please email Blaine Wing, City Manager, at citymanager@rochestermi.org