Cross Connection Control

As a public water supplier, the City of Rochester is required to follow the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act, 1976 PA 399.  Rule 1402 of the Act prohibits hazardous interconnections to public water systems and requires all public water systems development a comprehensive Cross-Connection Control Program. Elements of this critical safety program include verifying annual backflow preventer test reports, on-site inspections for undetected Cross-Connections, and potential corrective action for non-compliant service connections. To ensure high-quality service, the City of Rochester has contracted with HydroCorp, a specialized service provider for Cross-Connection Control Programs with over 40 years of experience.  

Residential Water Customers in Rochester are notified by HydroCorp in advance of the mandatory exterior Cross-Connection Inspections performed by qualified field technicians from HydroCorp. Each inspection averages less than 15 minutes and includes an exterior visual inspection of garden hose spigot connections and any confirmed irrigation system backflow preventers. The inspection will not cause any disruption of water service and does not require the homeowner to be present. 

Homeowners may receive follow up notification regarding any potential corrective action requirements. Examples of corrective action include but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing and installing hose spigot style vacuum breakers (thread-on by hand, no plumber necessary).
  • Hiring a plumber to install code compliant irrigation system backflow prevention.
  • Hiring a certified tester to test an existing irrigation system backflow preventer. 

Learn more about this new program here Your cooperation and participation in this important local safety program is appreciated.

Any questions can be directed to HydroCorp at 1-844-493-7641.