Business Registration

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Pursuant to the Rochester City Code, Chapter 12, Article II< Sections 12-31 to 12-43, every business shall be registered as required within the City to assist the City with information to provide effective police, fire, and other health and safety protection; to facilitate the efficiency and economy in furnishing public utility services; to facilitate and enable comprehensive and informed land use planning; and to establish a registry of businesses operating within the City for the general information of the public and for the enhancement and promotion of the City. There is no fee for registration, however, failure to register can result in a $100 fine.

Business Information

Business Owner Information

Building Owner Information (If Space is Leased)

Alarm Systems

Knox Box
A Knox Box is an inexpensive system to secure keys or access cards to the outside of your business. During an emergency, the keys or access cards can be retrieved from the Knox Box with a special code that unlocks the key in the fire truck for the Knox Box. This will allow for emergency access to the business without doing physical damage that is very expensive to fix.
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