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The City will continue to update this page with information that pertains to the 2018 Ludlow Avenue Project.  However, if any resident has an issue that you feel needs to or hasn't been addressed, please email and Deputy City Manager Nik Banda will assist you with your concern(s) and/or issue(s).

Weekly updates will be posted to this web page. (See below.)  Residents are encouraged to signup through the City's NotifyMe program, for specific Ludlow email notifications.  Residents that have provided the City with their email address(s) will be automatically added.  Besides web posts and email notifications, if the contractor, inspector, or City anticipates construction that will impact a residents driveway, a bright tag will be placed either on your door or at your mailbox, advising of the date of the expected impact.  Finally, major informational items will be shared via the multiple modes of communication.

WEEKLY NOTIFICATIONS:  (Newest Items @ the top.)

09/20/18:  Today (9/20/18) access to the Community House can be accessed from University only as DiPonio is installing the Ludlow storm sewer pipe crossing between Ironwood and the bridge this morning and then will be performing all the storm sewer pipe at the intersection of Ironwood for the remainder of the day.  Basically, the area north of Ironwood to the bridge will have a lot of activity today.  Where the grading crews are working, in the area of 7th Street to the north a few hundred feet, only grading stone is being placed, so there should be minimal stoppages to the residents and Community House guests.   

Tomorrow (9/21/18) there will be access, weather permitting, from University to the bridge along with Ironwood being open.  The pipe crew will only be doing removals on the existing watermain, flow filling the line and general pipe cleanup.   

Monday (9/24/18) the grading crew will pick up where they left off and continue earth excavation north of 7th Street to the Community House entrance.  Traffic should be diverted to come in Monday and partially Tuesday from Woodward or Ironwood. 

Potentially late Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday the grading crew should be north of the Community House entrance, so traffic should be diverted to come in from University. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as the City works diligently to try to minimize disruption to residents and Community House visitors.  I realize there are some significant inconveniences, but please continue to communicate with the City. 

09/17/18:  DiPonio will be wrapping up all the storm sewer this week and potentially starting some of the edge drain as the road crew is now onsite.  DiPonio's road crew will be performing the remaining removals of sidewalks and driveways between 7th Street and University on 9/17/18 and will then start earth excavation in that area.  Once this area is protected with stone, the crew will continue in the same manner north of 7th street.  Please keep in mind that DiPonio is still maintaining the road and driveways during this operation, so residents will have access.  This should be ongoing during the week baring any potential rain days that appear to be showing up on the extended forecast.  

The City has received concerns from residents regarding the total closure during the Art & Apples festival.  As a result, the closure has been modified as follows: 

• University and Ludlow - hard closure with no entry in or out of Ludlow. 

• Ludlow and Seventh - hard closure with no entry in or out of Ludlow. 

• Ludlow south of the entrance to Community House - soft closure open to residents on Ludlow only with a no left turn sign placed at the exit from the Community House. 

Parking assignments are updated as follows: 

As the contractor will not be working Friday, Saturday or Sunday the city is requesting that all Ludlow residents utilize their driveways to park for the duration of the Art & Apples Festival.  As the contractor will be back on site early Monday morning, reserved parking in the Community House parking lot will be restored after completion of the Art & Apples festival Sunday evening. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as the city works diligently to try to minimize cut through traffic on Ludlow during this large festival.

09/05/18:  DiPonio will start converting water services from the old main to the new main. This work will take them into the week of September 10th when they will also begin working on the storm sewer run from Ironwood to the bridge.  
No work will occur on Friday (9/7) due to the Art & Apples Festival.   

In an attempt to minimize the cut-through traffic on Ludlow during the Art & Apples Festival, the City will be working to place complete closures at University, Seventh, and just South of the Community House Entrance.  Barricades will need to be moved by residents in order to enter and exit the area.  As such, we recommend that residents enter and exit primarily through Seventh Street, so as not to block traffic on University or near the Community House while moving the barricades back in place to continue the complete road closure.  While we understand that the movement of barricades may cause frustration, it should significantly reduce the ability for visitors to the Festival to utilize this area as a cut through to the Community House. 

We greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping the complete closure in place from Thursday evening September 6th through Sunday September 9th!  

08/20/18:  For the week of August 20th, DiPonio will be continuing to install the water main from roughly 750 Ludlow to the proposed bore pit near the paint creek.  Once completed with installing the main, DiPonio will be installing storm sewer while waiting for test results of the water main.  Once we have a good result we will stop installing storm and jump right on connections and services of the new water main. 

08/13/18:  DiPonio is starting the water main installation at University and heading north to the park.  This will take the week to install.  Once the main is tested, they will begin the installation of the storm sewer.  Also, there have been some questions about sprinkler lines.  The City is talking with our inspector and Diponio and will be posting an updated tomorrow.

Diponio Contracting will be working on Ludlow Avenue from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, 2018.  The contractor will be removing the concrete sidewalk and drive approaches on the east side of the street.  This is being done in preparation for the start of the water main construction during the week of August 13th.   Access to driveways may be restricted for short periods, as the contractor is removing the concrete, which will then be restored for access throughout the rest of the weekend with a temporary sand or gravel base.  
DiPonio is continuing the installation of the mainline sanitary sewer starting in the proximity of 718 Ludlow and working south toward the intersection of Seventh Street.  The mainline sewer is expected to be complete by the end of the day on August 7th.  From there the contractor will go back to the vicinity of 718 Ludlow and start converting the sewer leads from the old main to the newly completed main, again working in a southerly direction until they reach the intersection of Seventh Street. During excavation activities a few inconsistencies were found and additional work may be required to separate some shared water or sewer services and this may cause the schedule to slide to a little later in the week or early next week. Depending on weather conditions, the contractor expects to have the sewer leads converted by Thursday and will then begin working on upgrading any existing non-aligned or 4” sewer services located between Seventh Street and University. This item of work could also slide into next week as the weather service is calling for rain almost all day on Wednesday.   

The Contractor expects to begin work on the water main construction the week of August 13th. 

07/31/18:  The contractor continued working on the north end of the sanitary sewer mainline construction today. The pipe eventually crosses diagonally across the intersection of Ironwood and Ludlow.  While they are doing this work, the Ironwood side of the intersection will need to be closed  to traffic.  As a result traffic on Ironwood will not have access to Ludlow.  However, the Contractor feels that he can maintain access to the residences and the Community House from both directions (Woodward & University) on Ludlow.  Once they complete the main line construction, to the Ludlow Apartments and start to transfer the leads from the old pipe to the new, the intersection will be able to open back up.  It should only be closed for 1-2 days depending on weather. Additionally, in an effort to further reduce the cut-through traffic from University, the Contractor will be adding additional barricades at the entrance to University to stop cars from being able to enter or exit from that location.  For all residents on Ludlow and Seventh Street, please use Seventh Street to Wilcox as your exit and entrance point for your homes.  When possible, all traffic entering and exiting the Community House will be directed to follow the route along Woodward or Ironwood (once this area can be reopened to traffic).  This hard closure should help minimize the traffic further which, in turn, will assist with keeping the construction dust down.   

We appreciate your continued support and patience during the construction of this project!

07/30/18:  Ludlow Construction Schedule from 7/30/18 through 8/12/18.  Start point for this week is 761/762 Ludlow. The contractor is continuing to install the main line sanitary sewer moving north to the upper end located on the NW corner of Ludlow & Ironwood.  This portion of the work should be completed by late Tuesday or early Wednesday, weather permitting. Once this section of main line sewer is complete, the contractor will begin working south to transfer the sewer services to the newly installed main line sewer.  This will cover homes with addresses from #724 Ludlow and higher. After the leads are installed, DiPonio will begin on the second run of sanitary, which runs south out of the manhole located in front of 724/727 Ludlow.  The contractor will keep the same order of operation, installing the main line sewer first and then transferring the sewer services on the return trip. This may carry slightly over into next week, especially looking at this week’s weather reports.  

07/25/18:  Good afternoon.  The City of Rochester is aware that trash services will occur tomorrow, Thursday, July 26, 2018.  Please place your trash and recycling carts at the curb prior to 7:00am for standard pick-up services.  GFL will be working throughout the day to service the carts during construction activities.  Please write your address (### Ludlow) on the carts and/or cans using permanent marker, so that GFL can then ensure they are placed back at the correct address. 


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