2021 Leaf Collection

The City of Rochester Department of Public Works (DPW) has completed leaf pickup for 2021.  If you have more leaves to dispose of, please bag them for your GFL pickup.  GFL will collect yard waste and compost through December 17th on your regularly scheduled trash day.


RED - This zone has been completed

The City's Department of Public Works will be beginning their Leaf Pick-Up on Monday, October 18th. There will be two crews out working and removing leaves for the convenience of the community! 

Bagged Leaf Collection

Residents may bag their leaves and place them at the curb for compost/yard waste services by Green For Life (GFL) Environmental. Compost/yard waste service ends by the 1st or 2nd week of December and the deadline is set by GFL.

Curbside Collection 

Please assemble neat piles of leaves right along the curb, in the street. The leaf piles should be raked away from the storm catch basins to avoid flooding (Note: mulched leaves, grass clippings, pet waste, municipal waste and tree limbs are strictly prohibited).

Currently, the DPW is on a 10-14 day pick up schedule for the entire town. The major streets are cleaned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Major streets include: Ludlow, Woodward, First St, University, Romeo, Parkdale, Elizabeth, Diversion, South St and Runyon. 

Once leaf pick up is conducted throughout a section of the town (see map above), the DPW will not return to that section until the town is completely covered, unless they are covering a major street. During leaf season, daily crew location updates are provided at the top of this page and through a notify me message group, pending administrative absences. 

Curbside pickup is currently complete for the remainder of 2020. 

Notify Me

For notifications of daily crew locations, sign up for the notify me leaf collection list

Roadside Parking

Please use caution when parking vehicles on the street and avoid parking near leaf piles.It is difficult to access leaf piles when there are vehicles parked in front of or behind the leaf piles. The leaf crews will not return to an area after they have moved on if there are vehicle(s) near the piles. Also,avoid parking vehicles on the piles of leaves in the street as this could create favorable conditions for a fire under the vehicle.

Chipping Services

Unless there is a storm, chipping services are not a priority during leaf season and the chipper may only be sent out once a month. While chipping services are still available, they must be requested on an on-call basis. The DPW will create a list of addresses for the chip crew to address when they are finally scheduled to chip.