South Street

The City will continue to update this page with information that pertains to the 2021 South Street Project.  However, if any resident has an issue that you feel needs to or hasn't been addressed, please email and administration will assist you with your concern(s) and/or issue(s).

Weekly updates will be posted to this web page. (See below.) Residents that have provided the City with their email address(s) will be automatically receive weekly updates via email.  Besides web posts and email notifications, if the contractor, inspector, or City anticipates construction that will impact a residents driveway, a bright tag will be placed either on your door or at your mailbox, advising of the date of the expected impact. Finally, major informational items will be shared via the multiple modes of communication.

WEEKLY NOTIFICATIONS: (Newest Items @ the top.)

4/15/21: Water main replacement project from 101 South Street to 440 South Street that includes 2,800+ feet of new 12” water main replacing the existing, undersized 4” – 8” water main. This project will improve water service in the project area, water system reliability for nearby property owners, as well as increase the fire prevention capabilities of the Fire Department. Additional project improvements will include new water services for property owners within the project limits and minor roadway surface improvements.

An informational meeting will take place on Thursday, April 15th at 6pm via Zoom. To participate in the meeting, please click here.