Voluntary Sprinkler Restrictions

In 2020, the City and Shelby experienced several days of high-water usage, to the point of exceeding the Great Lake Water Authorities (GLWA) limits.

As such, Shelby changed their sprinkler restrictions from voluntary to mandatory and in late June, Rochester’s City Council agreed to an ordinance with voluntary sprinkler restrictions for users of water from the GLWA. Managing water usage through voluntary restrictions are both environmentally friendly and can help reduce costs. 

Thus, starting in July 2021, Council City put in place non-mandatory sprinkler restrictions, in the hopes of encouraging residents, homeowner associations, businesses, and GLWA users to adjust usage habits and comply with the City’s voluntary restrictions.

The City of Rochester has two (2) water systems. The east side of the City uses GLWA water, through an agreement with Shelby Township. The west side of the City uses water from natural wells. During July 2020, there was several days of great water usage. Per the GLWA rules, water restrictions become necessary and water storage needs to be investigated to help ensure future exceedance do not happen.

 While the City is not a direct customer to the GLWA, about 50% of the City’s water comes from the GLWA through a 1988 agreement with Shelby Township. Over the last decade, the City has periodically looked at directly connecting into the GLWA system, and using the Shelby connection for emergencies. This year, the City is working with our engineers and the GLWA on a direct connection, and having a storage tank and pump station, with the long-term goal of reducing water costs and directly negotiating with the GLWA.

 Managing water usage through restrictions is both environmentally friendly and can help reduced costs. Thus, I recommend as of July 1, 2021, that Council City put in place voluntary sprinkler restrictions, in the hopes of strongly encourage residents, home owner associations (HOAs), businesses, and users to change usage habits and comply with the  voluntary restrictions found here.